Non-financial Performance Metrics

Non-financial Performance Metrics

CO2 intensity of the existing portfolio

31.7 kg CO2e/sqm
living area (in Germany)
3.9% less than previous year

Average primary energy requirements in new buildings

25.3 kWh/sqm p. a.
based on energy certificates, excluding purely commercial spaces and vertical extensions
32.9% less than previous year

Proportion of accessible (partially) modernized

17.5 %
of newly rented apartments in Germany (approx. 6,550 units)

Customer Satisfaction Index

3.2 %
(in Germany)

Increase in employee satisfaction

+ 9 percentage points

Proportion of women in management positions

24.2 %
(first and second level below the Management Board)
slight decline compared to previous year
Action Areas

Our Five Action Areas at a Glance

Our sustainability reporting is getting a makeover: We are replacing our Sustainability Report with a more diversified reporting format. From the 2024 financial year onwards, our focus will be on the Annual Report in accordance with CSRD requirements. This is accompanied by other key sustainability indicators, which we present in this ESG Factbook. You can find more detailed information on our sustainability strategy and sustainability topics on our corporate website.

Supplementary reporting formats and the publication of commitments and guidelines round off our sustainability reporting.

We have allocated these topics to five different action areas, which in turn serve as the basis for our sustainability reporting process:

  • The Environment and Climate action area pursues the aim of reducing carbon in the real estate portfolio and sustainable construction and refurbishment.
  • In our Society and Contribution to Urban Development action area, we are committed to creating neighborhoods that are a pleasure to live in.
  • Our Homes and Customers action area focuses on our efforts to provide attractive housing for our tenants.
  • This is made possible by our diverse and creative workforce, whose needs are taken into account in the action area Corporate Culture and Employees.
  • The Sustainable Governance and Responsible Business Practices action area stipulates the guidelines and principles of our corporate governance and compliance and ensures our sustainable and long-term success on the capital market for our future viability.

We will be climate neutral by 2045 and our new builds will be increasingly more sustainable.

Environment and Climate

We create neighborhoods for harmonious coexistence.

Society and Contribution to Urban Development

We offer housing for all.

Homes and Customers

We are committed to diversity, team spirit and new ways of thinking.

Corporate Culture and Employees

We take responsibility and conduct our business successfully and sustainably.

Sustainable Governance and Responsible Business Pratices



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