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Letter from the Management Board

Letter from the Management Board

Vonovia achieved positive development in 2022. Our company remains an anchor of stability. For all the overall situation might have changed: Vonovia is a company you can rely on.

Rolf Buch, CEO
Key Figures

Key Figures

Total Segment Revenue

6,256.9 million

Adjusted EBITDA Total

2,763.1 million

Group FFO

2,035.6 million

EPRA NTA per Share1


Total Housing Portfolio

548,524 units


2,300.7 million


Share Price Development in %
Portfolio Information

Portfolio Information

as of December 31, 2022

Projects and neighborhood development

Total Vonovia Austria Sweden Germany 22,155 38,248 355,285 415,688
9,677 Munich 4,036 Freiburg 13,609 Stuttgart 27,290 Rhine Main Area 38,505 Dresden 9,136 Leipzig 28,421 Rhineland 43,428 Southern Ruhr Area 25,076 Northern Ruhr Area 43,171 Berlin 9,489 Westphalia 16,190 Hanover 11,849 Bremen 19,724 Hamburg 24,274 Kiel 26,598 4,812 415,688
  1. 1 Fair value of the developed land excluding € 4.722,5 million, of which € 263,7 million for undeveloped land and inheritable building rights granted, € 566,0 million for assets under construction, € 2.116,4 million for development, € 1.062,6 million for nursing portfolio and € 713,8 million for other.
  2. 2 Shown based on the country-specific definition.
Hamburg–Wilhelmsburg Sustainable environmentally friendly energy concept

Planned investment: 
approx. € 140 million
Duration: 2018–2027
Units: rd. 1,400

  • Comprehensive portfolio refurbishment and creation of a sustainable energy concept that includes both established and innovative supply means such as cogeneration units, solar thermal energy, district heating, etc.
  • Densification through new construction
  • Upgrade and qualification of green and play areas
  • Expansion of services close to homes
Duisburg–Hüttenheim Socially responsible neighborhood develospment including densification and vertical expansion

Planned investment:
approx. € 26.8 million
Duration: 2020 to 2023
Units: 228 + 96

  • Comprehensive energy efficiency modernization
  • Densification and adding extra stories including attractive design of the residential environment
  • Support and other services with a specialized cooperation partner
  • §Homes that meet tenant needs (e.g., for families or elderly people)
Wustermark–Ernst-Thälmann-Platz Neighborhood development with a social focus + reduction in maintenance backlog

Planned investment:
approx. € 24 million 
Duration: 2018–2024
Units: 70 existing 66 new builds

  • Reduction in huge maintenance backlog and comprehensive needs-based energy efficiency modernization, taking subsidized, price-controlled homes into account
  • Densification through new construction using modular construction
  • Extensive residential environment design
  • Renovation of vacant
Berlin-Ostseestraße Modern and sustainable neighborhood development in an urban environment

Planned investment:
approx. € 66 million
Duration: 2019–2023
Units: 253 + 111

  • Creation of new homes using vertical expansion and closing gaps, as well as new construction
  • Comprehensive energy-efficient building upgrades and connection to the central district heating system
  • Vertical expansion using 1-2-story timber construction and construction of 2 new entire buildings with a PV plant
  • Extensive redesign of outdoor areas incl. 3 playgrounds
Darmstadt-Heinestraße Innovative neighborhood development with integrative densification

Planned investment:
approx. € 33 million
Duration: 2022–2025
Units: 120 + 91

  • Ecological contribution with exceptional reduction in carbon emissions
  • Leverage growth potential using integrative and attractive densification
  • Services/laying the foundationfor promoting community life
  • Balanced social structure and supply of housing for various target groups
  • Innovative mobility concepts and traffic concepts to take pressure off neighborhoods
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