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For a Sustainable Future.

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Action Areas

Our Seven Action Areas at a Glance

The 2020 materiality analysis of sustainability topics for Vonovia SE provided the basis for our activities in 2021. The materiality analysis identified eleven material topics and 22 important topics. We assigned these 33 topics to different action areas, which in turn serve as the basis for our sustainability reporting process.

  • In the Environment and Climate action area, we have set ourselves the goal of being almost completely climate-neutral by 2045.
  • We ensure that the living space we manage is designed sustainably in the Sustainable Construction and Development action area.
  • In our Society and Contribution to Urban Development action area, we are committed to creating neighborhoods that are a pleasure to live in.
  • Our Homes and Customers action area focuses on our efforts to provide attractive housing for our tenants.
  • This is made possible by our diverse and creative workforce, which is taken into account in the action area Corporate Culture and Employees.
  • Our governance principles and the measures that we implement to ensure compliance are defined in the action area Governance and Responsible Business Practices.
  • The Future Fitness and the Capital Market action area covers everything we do to ensure our sustainable and continued success.

We will be climate-neutral by 2045.

Environment and climate

We use increasingly sustainable construction methods.

Sustainable construction and development

We create neighborhoods for harmonious coexistence.

Society and contribution to urban development

We offer housing for all.

Homes and customers

We are committed to diversity, team spirit and new ways of thinking.

Corporate culture and employees

We take on responsibility – every one of us, wherever we are, at all times.

Responsible business practices and governance

We are on track for long-term success.

Future fitness and the capital market

Topic Filter

Topic Filter

For a quick overview of the most important information in the 2021 Sustainability Report, we recommend the following topics:

# Senior-friendly homes

Converting newly rented apartments to meet needs of the elderly

Senior-friendly homes

# Goals & sustainability management

Roadmap with targets for focusing on sustainability in the company

Goals & sustainability

# Renewable energies

Producing renewable energy through decentralized energy supply

Renewable energy

# Homes & customers

Offering housing for all at fair prices

Homes & customers

# Future fitness & the capital market

Making ourselves attractive to investors

Future fitness & the capital market

# Reducing CO2 in the Real Estate Portfolio

Binding climate path for carbon-neutral building portfolio

Carbon reduction

What topics are you interested in?

# Community development

Developing neighborhoods in a holistic way and making them vibrant

Community development

# Diversity & equal opportunities

Respecting and encouraging diversity in the company and the society

Diversity & equal opportunities

# Attractive employer

Guaranteeing security and reliability, especially during the pandemic

Attractive employer

# Governance & compliance

Managing the company responsibly and sustainably

Governance & compliance

# Sustainable construction

Optimizing energy efficiency and using environmentally conscious and sustainable methods in construction and refurbishment

Sustainable construction

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# Senior-friendly homes

# Attractive employer

# Carbon reduction

# Renewable energy

# Governance & compliance

# Sustainable construction

# Community development

# Diversity & equal opportunities

# Homes & customers

# Goals & sustainability

# Future fitness & the capital market


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