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Training and Personal Development




Providing training and upskilling opportunities for our employees has a major role to play in ensuring that they stay with the company over the long term. This approach also puts us in a better position to address skills shortages, while also giving our staff every chance to progress in their careers. Vonovia sees training up junior staff as an opportunity for growth, particularly when it comes to the manual trades. Providing junior employees with the skills we need them to have reduces our dependence on the wider labor market and keeps us competitive.

This year’s employee survey included a separate trainee survey for the first time in order to provide us with feedback from this specific part of our workforce. We will use our findings to implement measures which will make us an even more attractive option for trainees going forward. BUWOG’s program for trainees in Austria represents the first step in this process. The program was set up in January 2021 to provide training for real estate agents – with a focus on administration – and office clerks. In addition to launching workshops and training courses for managers and instructors, we have set up a number of relevant IT applications, including a knowledge database. The purpose of these measures is to ensure that trainees are provided with the best possible support during their time with the company. Five new apprentices joined the company during the reporting period, four of whom are still under the constant supervision of mentors and qualified trainers.

We don’t just support junior talents while they are being trained – we prepare them for management. We are continuing to professionalize our approach to succession planning for management roles as part of our HR planning process. Vonovia also uses structured annual appraisals to give its workforce additional opportunities for development. These appraisals are held using a standardized questionnaire which is based around our mission statement. There may be changes to this next year, as Vonovia is currently working on updating the list of questions in connection with the merger with Deutsche Wohnen and other developments.

We support the career development of our high-potential employees through the Vonovia Academy and partnerships with the EBZ European Business School for Real Estate Management in Bochum and other educational establishments.

Human Capital Development Programs (Selection)

  • Talent programs “Management Talent” and “Strategy Circle”
  • Manual and technical training for “Vonovia Site Manager” qualification and other specialist courses
  • Part-time business studies courses, e.g., in property management
  • Leadership training and programs such as “Fit for Leadership” and “Basic Management Education”
  • Development of department-specific junior talent programs in customer service and elsewhere
  • Holistic development program for managers with initial management experience in a CFO role

The Vonovia Academy forms a key element of our human capital development measures. It offers employees a range of professional training which is continuously adapted to the specific needs of our departments. It provides training and coaching along with technical and leadership seminars and certified qualifications such as part-time degrees or a “Meister” in a manual trade.

The Pillars of the Vonovia Academy

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