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Published by:
The Management Board of Vonovia SE

Concept and Realization:

Berichtsmanufaktur GmbH, Hamburg


Neidhart + Schön Group, Frankfurt-on-Main/Zurich, Germany/Switzerland


Vonovia SE, Simon Bierwald, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BUWOG Bauträger GmbH, Björn Hake (Offenblende), Stephan Huger, Catrin Moritz, Von der Waydbrink, André Wirsig, Andre Zelck


Berichtsmanufaktur GmbH, Hamburg

As of: April 2022
© Vonovia SE, Bochum


This Sustainability Report is published in German and English. The German version is always the authoritative text.

The Sustainability Report can be found on the website at

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