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Corporate Culture and Employees

Group-wide Employee Survey

Putting things in motion together, engaging in dialogue, actively shaping and moving Vonovia forward – that is exactly what we want to achieve with our employee survey. The satisfaction of our employees is our top priority and is a decisive indicator for allowing us to assess our attractiveness as an employer. In 2021, we used an external service provider to conduct another comprehensive survey of employees in Germany, Austria and Sweden. As such, it was possible to expand on our most recent survey of the entire Group (excluding Deutsche Wohnen), which was conducted in 2019.

A lot has happened since then. Using a structured bottom-up process, we actively involved all employees in the development of measures for improvement – with great success. This was the only way we could respond to the request for an improved range of social benefits, which we have comprehensively unified and expanded following the last survey. One example is the introduction of a bike sharing program. It is clear from the results of the survey that the workforce has responded well to this – satisfaction with the social benefits offered increased by a full 15 percentage points.

“I am proud of the fact that we have made improvements in so many areas since 2019, and that so many of our employees took part in the process.”
Rolf Buch, Vonovia SE, CEO
“very good place to work”

* Answered = “strongly agree“ or “largely agree”

We also used the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to expand the survey. Here, we wanted to hear feedback from Vonovia employees about our crisis management so far. 83% said they were very satisfied with the company’s management of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a good indicator of the fact that our testing and vaccination drives, as well as the highest possible coronavirus premium, have been well received by employees.

Another new feature of the survey is a separate questionnaire for our almost 500 trainees. We aim to constantly improve our training programs by asking targeted questions about the quality of our training, teaching relevant knowledge and skills, and working with trainers.

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