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Society and Contribution to Urban Development

Integration and Coworking in Bremen Commercial Units

Vonovia has temporarily rented out two vacant floors of the building at Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 47 in Bremen. Two associations each have an area of approximately 250 m2 available. The Afrika-Netzwerk Bremen e. V. has established a new location on the second floor of the building. The site is being used as office space, while also serving as an intercultural community center and meeting point. Bremen is home to a large African community. The association is using the center as a space where citizens of Bremen with and without African backgrounds can come together – a place for cultural exchange and integration. The Bremen College of the Arts started using the second floor as a coworking space after the area it was previously using had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. The space has provided a space for students to come together and work on projects in the fields of design, art and digital media since September 2021. The temporary leases were arranged through the agency ZwischenZeitZentrale (ZZZ). Both groups are paying competitive rent. Since March 2010, ZZZ has arranged far more than 400 projects like this one, all of which involve using vacant properties to harness good ideas.

“Afrika-Netzwerk Bremen and the coworking space are great, inclusive and young. We’re thrilled to have them as our tenants.”
Timm Tebbe, Vonovia Regional Manager for Bremen

From left to right: Oliver Hasemann (ZZZ ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen), Eric Patzer (Vonovia Bremen), Daniel Schnier (ZZZ ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen), Julian Eßig (ZZZ ZwischenZeitZentrale Bremen) and Dustin Sherman (coworking space tenant).

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