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Kennedy Garden: Shell of “Lavandula” & “Orchidea” Completed

In the 14th district of Vienna, just a few minutes on foot from the Kennedy Bridge, BUWOG is building a striking new residential environment: the KENNEDY GARDEN. The project will provide a wide range of rented and owner-occupied apartments, with a focus on environmental and social sustainability. A total of 512 units will be built by early 2023, divided between six different units. The topping out ceremony for the Orchidea (124 rental apartments built as part of the Vienna Housing Initiative) and Lavandula (114 privately financed rental apartments) units were held in October 2021.


The KENNEDY GARDEN project team at the topping out ceremony for Lavandula and Orchidea

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Green spaces and roofs ensure a pleasant microclimate throughout the development

The apartments in the Kennedy Garden development were designed to suit a range of modern lifestyles and requirements, with different spaces set up to meet the needs of families and smaller households. Part of the development is designed specifically with single parents in mind, and offers suitable homes and common areas.

The development is set to be ready at the start of 2023 and features large green areas with a wide variety of vegetation. These will have a positive impact on the microclimate and biodiversity in the city. Cycle parks and charging stations will also be included. The development has excellent links to the public transport network and cycle paths, making it ideal for tenants who value a sustainable lifestyle. Energy-efficient heat generation, which at the same time protects the environment and keeps residents’ heating costs low, is provided by a condensing gas boiler system and two heat pumps, which are also supplied with electricity via photovoltaic panels. All of these interconnected measures work together to facilitate a pioneering form of green living at the KENNEDY GARDEN development. The project is already Greenpass certified, and is now looking to achieve “klimaaktiv” certification as well.

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