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2 Adjustment to Prior-year Figures

In connection with the acquisition of the Deutsche Wohnen Group, material non-current financial assets accounted for using the equity method were also acquired. Due to the increased significance of the balance sheet item, the financial assets measured using the equity method and recognized in non-current financial assets in previous years were shown on a separate line in the balance sheet. Compared to the prior-year reporting, non-current financial assets declined by € 32.9 million in the 2021 fiscal year and are recognized on a separate line.

The capital increase implemented in December 2021 also involved the issue of subscription rights for existing shareholders. Since the subscription price for the new shares was lower than the market price of the existing shares, the capital increase included a bonus element. According to IAS 33, the bonus element is the result of an implicit change in the number of shares outstanding for all periods prior to the capital increase without a fully proportionate change in resources. As a consequence, the average number of shares outstanding has been adjusted retroactively for prior-year disclosures accordingly from 550,416,020 to 587,143,419. For additional information on disclosures, see chapter [C24] Earnings per share.