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Non-financial Group Declaration

Explanatory Information on the Content of the Report and the Framework

The scope and quality of company reporting on sustainability topics continues unabated and continues to evolve into an integrated reporting. Major elements of a sustainable corporate direction can already be found in the risk assessment, but also in the strategy description and the governance report.

Vonovia attaches exceptional importance to a high degree of transparency toward numerous stakeholder groups. We keep pace with the evolving needs of actors on the capital market and are coming ever closer to integrated reporting. With this in mind, the non-financial Group Declaration makes reference to chapters in the management report in which disclosures required here are reported on; this is the case, for example, in the description of the business model and the risk assessment. As such, we are underscoring our understanding of a sustainable business model in which all three dimensions of sustainability (ESG) are embedded within our sustainability strategy. See also the chapter entitled Fundamental Information About the Group.

Vonovia SE’s corporate reporting includes a Non-financial Group Declaration, which has its legal basis in Sections 315b, 315c in conjunction with Section 289c to 289e HGB. The framework provided by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for sustainability reporting and the UN Global Compact were taken into account when preparing this declaration. These standards also serve as a guide for the sustainability report. We also use the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which we describe in the section entitled Environmental Issues. The provisions of the delegated act for Regulation (EU) 2020/852, subject to application of Articles 8 and 10 (EU taxonomy), are described for the first time in the EU Taxonomy section of this non-financial Group Declaration.

On September 30, 2021, Vonovia took control of Deutsche Wohnen. Therefore, this is the date of first-time consolidation. The successful takeover of Deutsche Wohnen lays the foundation for tackling the central social and environmental challenges of the housing industry even more effectively and forming a leading European real estate company. The integration process, which will begin in 2022, is scheduled for completion by the start of 2023. The Group-wide integration process encompasses the consolidation of concepts, applied due diligence processes, and goals and events relating to the non-financial topics determined in the Vonovia materiality process pursuant to Section 289c of the German Commercial Code (HGB). See also the chapter entitled Fundamental Information About the Group.

Therefore, Deutsche Wohnen SE is included in the consolidated financial statements and the Non-financial Group Declaration of Vonovia SE for the first time starting October 2021. To this end, an analysis of the non-financial performance indicators and materiality assessments of the two companies was performed. As part of the comparison of material sustainability topics and identified non-financial performance indicators, it was determined that these only diverge slightly from each other.

In the analysis of key performance indicators in this Non-financial Declaration, the Group indicators of Vonovia are decisive in the selection of indicators and their definitions. This also applies to the description of concepts and their implementation. As part of the integration of Deutsche Wohnen, the extent to which an adjustment is required in this regard is being reviewed. Wherever possible, an attempt was made – in order to ensure the comparability of data – to consolidate the key figures of Deutsche Wohnen or to approximate their definition in the disclosures. This is not possible with respect to all key performance indicators, as the company-wide guidelines for calculating key figures will only be implemented in full during the integration process. We refer to any existing differences in the disclosure for the key figure concerned. Prior-year figures have not been adjusted.

The main relevant non-financial performance indicators are reported – together with information on the underlying concepts and objectives – in the individual chapters covering the content in question. These are allocated to the legally mandated aspects – environmental matters, social matters, employee matters, combating corruption and bribery, and observance of human rights. The key figures and the corresponding qualitative disclosures of the Vonovia Group in the section entitled “Taxonomy” also include information provided by Deutsche Wohnen on the EU taxonomy.

Six of the key figures listed in the Non-financial Group Declaration are non-financial governance indicators within the meaning of GAS 20, Paragraph 101 in conjunction with Paragraph 106. These are the key figures that together constitute the Sustainability Performance Index (SPI) since its introduction in 2021. The SPI, which is derived from the material sustainability topics, is a vital instrument in terms of managing our sustainable activities. It represents the leading non-financial performance indicator applicable for the Vonovia Group. Correspondingly, the six sub-indicators – and the related targets for the 2022 fiscal year – are reported in a non-consolidated manner with Deutsche Wohnen. We will report an integrated SPI for the first time in the 2023 fiscal year, following completion of the integration process. For more information, see the chapter entitled Management System. Likewise with respect to the further key performance indicators, the targets outlined apply solely for Vonovia due to the fact that integration has not yet been completed.

The company’s activities in Austria and Sweden are also covered by this Non-financial Group Declaration. This initially concerns the qualitative presentation of the non-financial information of the business entities. Due to the ongoing integration of the corresponding processes, the full consolidation of the key performance indicators is still in the implementation phase. With respect to each key performance indicator, we make reference to the degree of KPI integration.

This Non-financial Group Declaration supplements our comprehensive sustainability reporting, which has also already been firmly established, in the form of our dedicated Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report contains further extensive information on individual non-financial topics as well as further examples of implementation and key figures. The Sustainability Report for the 2021 reporting year will be published in the second quarter of 2022. You will find further supplementary information on the website of the Investor Relations department, as well as access to numerous commitments and guidelines. Sustainability reporting is also complemented by participation in numerous ESG ratings.

Both the Non-financial Group Declaration and the Sustainability Report are audited by the auditor of the annual financial statements. All references to content outside the Non-financial Group Declaration are further information and are not covered by the audit performed by KPMG. An exception to this rule applies to references to further chapters of the management report. These are covered by the audit.