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Vonovia can report positive business development in the pandemic year of 2021. All in all, the coronavirus pandemic only had a minor impact on the company’s operating business.

Total segment revenue increased by 18.5% to around € 5.2 billion in 2021.

The Adjusted EBITDA Total came to € 2,269.3 million, an increase 18.8% against the 2020 figure.

Group FFO improved by 24.0% from € 1,348.2 million to € 1,672.0 million.

The EPRA NTA per share came in at € 66.73, up by 13.5% on the TERP-adjusted prior-year value of € 58.78.

The Sustainability Performance Index rose to 109% by the end of 2021. This was helped along in particular by the reduction of CO₂ intensity, the development of the average primary energy requirements of new construction, and the positive development of the customer satisfaction index.

Sustained Earnings

Group FFO

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Organic Rent Growth

Organic Rent Growth


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