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Establish Data Infrastructure for Greater Transparency and Efficiency

In the context of megatrends and technological advances in the building sector, the focus is on advancing data-driven use cases to boost transparency and efficiency. This also creates a basis for developing innovative products and services for our customers. Vonovia sees advanced analytics as a key driver in the development of new business models.

Within this context, Vonovia is systematically developing and expanding its existing data infrastructure to include, for instance, innovative location analytics approaches. As part of the collaboration with Gründerallianz Ruhr, a proof-of-concept phase was launched with two European start-ups in 2021. Points of interest and a large number of freely available data points relating to conditions in more than 500 neighborhoods and their direct surroundings can now be visualized in an interactive map application. This allows empirical knowledge that was previously fragmented at a local level to be accessed from a central source. It is also expected that extensive use of data will allow Vonovia to provide future customers with clear added value in the form of customized housing options. Within this context, Vonovia is consistently committed to systematically considering all relevant aspects of data protection.

Vonovia has developed the decarbonization tool together with “right.based on science” and “d-fine” in order to define a long-term climate strategy and track its targets accurately. This tool creates a digital inventory of all of Vonovia’s buildings and their energy data. A climate path is simulated for each building and can be shown on an aggregated basis at different spatial levels. Calculating the X-Degree Compatibility indicator allows Vonovia to identify the portfolio’s long-term impact on the climate. This produces transparent information on whether each building contributes to Vonovia’s climate target.