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Vonovia Innovation Platform

Innovation as a Basis for Solutions

2021 once again showed that the demands resulting from developments in the overall social, ecological, political and technological environment remain and are having an impact on the expectations of various stakeholder groups and thus also on Vonovia’s existing business models.

This confirms just how important the strategy defined last year is, namely the quest to forge ahead with innovation and, in doing so, also promote the aspects of customer orientation, sustainability and the future viability of existing business models. Particularly in the context of the energy revolution, Vonovia sees itself as a market player with social responsibility that thinks beyond the boundaries of the pure rental business in seeking to develop innovative solutions.

Vonovia is using its Innovation & Business Building department to advance relevant ideas at all levels of the Group, working closely with various departments in the process. This has allowed the company to implement an innovation ecosystem with stringent processes within the Group, giving Vonovia the capabilities – and allowing it to continue to establish the resources – it needs. A customer and data-centric perspective forms the basis for scaling new products and services.

Innovation is a firmly established component of Vonovia’s strategy. The large number of neighborhoods in the company’s portfolio creates potential to develop future-fit solutions for innovative technologies and new services to respond to the current megatrends. The innovative approaches are not only applied, however, to the neighborhoods (urban quarters), but are also selectively adapted to urban clusters.