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Our Road Map






Vonovia has launched a sustainability road map for the structured implementation of its sustainability efforts. The topics of climate change and a climate-neutral portfolio (E), as well as the action areas of social responsibility (S) and governance (G), are of particular importance.

Sustainability Road Map

Our Aim

Our Goals



What We Achieved in 2022

Environment and Climate

For the existing buildings in our portfolio, we aim to reduce carbon intensity annually and achieve a virtually climate-neutral housing stock by 2045.

Reduction of carbon intensity to <25 kg CO2e/m² (in Germany)



Reduction of carbon intensity to 33.0 kg CO2e/m² of rentable area (in Germany)

Integration of Deutsche Wohnen into climate

Maintain refurbishment rate (in Germany) at around 2.5–3.0% on average



1.9% refurbishment rate achieved (in Germany)

We are pushing the expansion of renewable energy generation in our neighborhoods.

Install photovoltaic systems with a total output of >280 MWp



Increase in installed capacity to 19.3 MWp (with 533 systems)

In construction and conversion projects, we pay attention to optimized energy efficiency and environmentally conscious construction methods.

Reduction in average primary energy demand for new buildings to 27 kWh/m²



Average primary energy demand of new buildings of 37.7 kWh/m²

98.7% of new buildings completed in Germany in 2022 ≤ 50 kWh/m² (energy efficiency class A/A+)

Society and Contribution to Urban Development

We carry out neighborhood development projects with cities and municipalities with the aim of improving infrastructure and social cohesion.

Holistic orientation of future neighborhood development projects while taking into account our climate protection goals



18 neighborhood development projects with around 9,600 residential units under implementation (€ 78.5 million investment volume)

New end-to-end process implemented for holistic neighborhood management

Grants for social/cultural projects in the amount of around € 1,200,000

Homes and Customers

We offer everyone a chance to have a home at a fair price.

Keep housing and modernization affordable: only moderate rent increases and support in cases of hardship; special protection for people over 70 years of age



Average rent of € 7.40 and average modernization charge of € 1.20 per m² (in Germany)

Around 41,000 apartments in Germany priced at a fixed level

"Housing Alliance" signed in Berlin

Hardship case management successfully continued: 391 positive decisions on 546 hardship case objections

Over-70s arrangement to ensure affordable housing for tenants over 70 years of age continued and extended to Deutsche Wohnen

Every year, we modernize 30% of our newly rented apartments to meet the needs of an aging society.

Proportion of new rentals in Germany that are barrier-free, (partially) modernized apartments: approx. 30% annually



Proportion of new rentals that are barrier-free, (partially) modernized apartments: 32.4% achieved (10,100 apartments)

We are continuously expanding our digital channels and offering extended accessibility. We regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys.

Keeping customer satisfaction at a high level



1.3% increase in customer satisfaction (in Germany) to all-time high

Improving the quality of communication and service by expanding the customer apps with additional self-service functions

Corporate Culture and Employees

We want to be perceived as an attractive, trustworthy and forward-looking employer. We regularly carry out employee surveys to improve our performance.

Return to employee satisfaction to a high level throughout the Group



Group-wide survey (excl. Deutsche Wohnen) conducted in 2022: Decline in employee satisfaction by 8 percentage points

Around 2,100 new hires

Above-average training ratio at 5.2% (in Germany)

We make sure that we take active measures to support women and to open up opportunities for them to assume management and technical roles.

Proportion of women in management positions at 30%



Target for the proportion of women in management positions extended to Deutsche Wohnen

Proportion of women in management positions down to 25.1%

Sustainable Governance and Responsible Business Practices

We are a trustworthy and reliable partner. It goes without saying that all of our employees comply with laws and regulations.

Continue to avoid misconduct through consistent preventative measures



Whistleblower hotline in regular operation

Expansion of the catalog of regular and mandatory training courses on compliance topics

Establishment of a human rights officer and revision of our statement of principles on respect for human rights

We are pursuing the goal of transparently presenting our sustainability performance to the capital market. One way we are doing this is by participating in relevant ESG ratings.

In relevant ESG ratings we aim to maintain or improve our performance



ESG rating performance improved again in 2022 (MSCI upgrade to AAA)

New Sustainable Finance Framework (EU taxonomy-compliant) implemented

Social & Green Bonds of € 4 billion and SEK 1.25 billion issued

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