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Environment and Climate

Green Facades at Hietzinger Kai, Vienna

As BUWOG moved to its new customer and administration center in Vienna town center, the question of how to convert the old location in Hietzing came up. “We found three appropriate successors with a modern health center, the city of Vienna and the adult education center Hietzing, who will create added value for the community,” explains Kevin Töpfer, Managing Director in charge of BUWOG’s real estate management.

Good for energy efficiency, soundproofing, biodiversity and the look of the building; the green facade at Hitzinger Kai 131 in Vienna.


BUWOG had previously completely refurbished the historical building and redesigned it according to sustainability criteria. A green facade system was established across the full front of the building, a surface amounting to 350 m², which will also look good in the winter with its high proportion of evergreens. The full coverage will also make air conditioning the building in summer easier and reduce heat loss in winter, which in turn makes a significant contribution to the building’s energy efficiency. In addition to the positive effects on how the building looks and is operated, the green facade also produces oxygen and thus binds carbon dioxide. This is particularly beneficial for the high-traffic western entrance. And, finally, the greening of the building is also beneficial because it acts as soundproofing and promotes biodiversity in the area by offering animal species a new habitat.