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Environment and Climate

Vonovia Leads
the Way to Sustain­able Construction

How could new buildings be constructed in a more climate friendly and sustainable way in the future? This was the main question asked in the sustainable construction dialogue process organized by Vonovia: "Perspectives on the Future of Construction" (in German). The dialogue process started with a kick-off meeting in March 2022 and brought together representatives from the fields of industry, research and politics. On November 23, 2022, the symposium closed the series of events at the Futurium Berlin with approximately 300 attendees. The limelight was on the solutions that had been developed together. Working groups with participants from our departments had been working on innovative approaches to various focal points together with industry experts and the Fraunhofer Institute in an intensive process since the spring. In the future, these will be turned into specific measures and targets. Specific demands were also made of politicians to encourage sustainable construction.

Rolf Buch, Daniel Föst (Member of the Bundestag, FDP), Timo Schisanowski (Member of the Bundestag, SPD), Kassem Taher Saleh (Member of the Bundestag, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) and Konstantina Kanellopoulos in a panel discussion on approaches to finding sustainable solutions and future political demands in urban and housing construction

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A Selection of Our Approaches to Sustainable Construction
  • Increasing the proportion of renewable and sustainable construction materials through serial and modular construction methods
  • Formulating a company-wide target for life-cycle emissions in new construction and the modernization of existing stock
  • Further development of calculation tools to calculate the recyclability of construction materials
  • Digitalization of the housing stock with the aim of improving recyclability and optimized maintenance as well as longer management periods and improved dismantling options including innovative solutions to minimize organizational expenditure
  • Launch of a skills and information campaign on alternative construction materials and methods
  • Training offers on specific topics for Vonovia employees