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Nursing and Assisted Living

Care Segment

We are currently responding to the megatrend of demographic change and, in particular, our aging society by offering nursing and assisted living facilities for older people. As part of this quest, we manage corresponding nursing care properties and offer nursing and assisted living services.

Similar to in the rental business, our activities in the Care segment focus on cities and regions with positive development forecasts, as these are the areas with a particularly high demand for nursing and other care services (full inpatient care, as well as assisted living combined with outpatient and day patient care). We place particular emphasis on high-quality properties, as well as high-quality care, support and service.

In the 2022 fiscal year, the Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen launched a review of the Care segment with regard to its future strategic importance within the Group. This process involves answering questions, for example, as to whether the segment can be expanded further, or whether it should, and can, be sold given the lack of uniform regulations in the care sector, the requirements that apply to, and the availability of, staff and the expected profitability development. As part of this strategic review process, the Management Board of Deutsche Wohnen also subjected the Care segment to a market test. The final results and decisions were not yet available at the time the financial statements were prepared.

Nursing Care Businesses

Retirement and care homes are operated under the brands KATHARINENHOF and PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG. These facilities provide full residential care, the aim being to maintain an active lifestyle and residents’ independence to the greatest possible extent. Senior citizen-friendly services are also provided within the context of assisted living.

Nursing Care Properties

The Nursing and Assisted Living business area encompasses 72 nursing care properties with a total of around 9,540 nursing places, 71 of which are owned by Deutsche Wohnen. This makes us one of the biggest holders of nursing care properties in Germany.

We operate our care business in two different models:

39 care facilities (approx. 5,240 places) are managed by Group-owned KATHARINENHOF Seniorenwohn- und Pflegeanlage Betriebs-GmbH together with its subsidiaries, Hamburger Senioren Domizile GmbH (HSD) and PFLEGEN & WOHNEN HAMBURG GmbH.

A further 33 facilities (approx. 4,300 places) are leased and managed by various non-Group operators on a long-term basis.