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50 Auditors’ Fees

In the fiscal year, the following fees (including expenses and excluding VAT) have been credited for the services rendered by the Group auditors KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft:

Auditors’ Fees

in € million






Other confirmation services





All of the services rendered were consistent with the activities performed as the auditor of the annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements of Vonovia SE.

The fee paid for auditing services performed by KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft relates to the audit of the consolidated financial statements and annual financial statements of Vonovia SE as well as to various audits of annual financial statements and a review of one set of annual financial statements of Group companies. The consolidated interim financial statements were reviewed and the financial statements were audited in accordance with audit standard IDW PS 490.

The fees for other confirmation services comprise all confirmation services that are not services relating to the audit and are not used in the context of the audit. These mainly include reviews of reconciliations on the interest threshold based on audit standard IDW PS 900, business audits pursuant to ISAE 3000 relating to the non-financial report, various housing assistance reports and reports on the appropriation of loans granted by the German government-owned development bank KfW. Other confirmation services also include services associated with the issue of comfort letters and the issue of valuation certificates.