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36 Real Estate Inventories

Accounting Policies

Properties from the sales-related development business and land and buildings intended for sale are reported within real estate inventories. The sales-related development business refers to subsidized or independently financed condominiums that are under construction or have already been completed. These properties are not held with the aim of generating rental income or achieving increases in value within the meaning of IAS 40, but rather are developed and constructed to be sold at a later date. These development projects are recognized depending on whether there is a customer contract for the residential units that are intended for sale. If this is not the case, the valuation is performed, due to the intention to sell according to IAS 2 at amortized cost or at net realizable value, whichever is lower, with a corresponding disclosure under real estate inventories.

Land and buildings intended for sale are properties that are sold in the ordinary course of business, which may exceed a period of twelve months. Initial measurement is at cost. Acquisition costs include the directly attributable costs of acquisition and provision, in particular the acquisitions costs for the land and the incidental acquisition costs.

Recognized real estate inventories in the amount of € 2,156.3 million (December 31, 2021: € 671.2 million) mainly concern development projects. These are projects to construct residential units planned for sale that are currently being built or that have been completed but have not yet been sold. The increase as against the previous year is mainly due to reclassifications from investment properties to real estate inventories due to the conversion of development-to-hold projects into development-to-sell projects.