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Cooperation Between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board

The Management and Supervisory Boards vote on the strategic direction of the company and discuss the current status of implementation of the corporate strategy, which also includes sustainability topics (see Strategy) at regular intervals. Furthermore, the Management Board regularly informs the Supervisory Board in written or verbal reports of topics including the development of business and the situation of the company. In this way, the Supervisory Board receives detailed documents from the Management Board regularly and in a timely manner on the economic development and the company’s current situation as well as the half-yearly risk management and compliance reports that deal with the most important risks for the business as well as compliance management at Vonovia SE. On the basis of these reports, the Supervisory Board monitors the company’s management by the Management Board as well as via its committees where particular powers are delegated to these committees. The Supervisory Board meets on a regular basis without the Management Board if personnel matters relating to the Management Board are to be discussed. For information on the remuneration agreements that reflect this cooperation, please refer to the  Remuneration Report.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

In the reporting year, there were no conflicts of interest of Management Board or Supervisory Board members, which are to be reported immediately to the Supervisory Board. There was no need to discuss or make decisions on legal matters, in particular lending transactions with members of executive bodies or individuals related to them.