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24 Earnings per Share

Accounting Policies

The basic earnings per share are calculated by dividing the profit for the period attributable to the shareholders by the weighted average number of ordinary shares in circulation during the reporting period. The diluted earnings per share are obtained by adjusting the profit for the period and the number of outstanding shares on the basis of the assumption that convertible instruments will be converted, options or warrants will be exercised or ordinary shares will be issued under certain conditions. Potential ordinary shares will only be included in the calculation if the conversion into ordinary shares would reduce the earnings per share.

Earnings per Share

in € million



Profit for the period attributable to Vonovia's shareholders (in € million)



Weighted average number of shares



Earnings per share (basic and diluted) in €



At the end of the reporting period, no diluting financial instruments were in circulation. The basic earnings per share correspond to the diluted earnings per share.