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Risk Assessment Based on Sustainability Aspects

The analysis and assessment of risks, taking into account sustainability considerations, have become a key component of risk management for Vonovia. We not only analyze the risks in relation to business operations (outside-in perspective), but also in relation to the possible impacts on the environment and society (inside-out perspective). We provide information on these risks in our Risks and Opportunities report.

In the Non-financial Group Declaration, material risks associated with the Group’s own business activities – and business relations or products and services of the Group – which are very likely to occur and which could have very challenging negative effects on non-financial topics must be reported. On the basis of the risk analyses performed and in the opinion of Vonovia’s management, there are no non-financial risks subject to a reporting requirement that meet the materiality criteria pursuant to Section 289c (3) Nos. 3 and 4 HGB following application of the net method and taking risk mitigation measures into consideration.