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Section (B): Profit for the Period

Accounting Policies

Revenue from property management includes income from the rental of investment properties and assets held for sale, which is recognized, net of discounts, over the duration of the contracts when the remuneration is contractually fixed or can be reliably determined and collection of the related receivable is probable.

In Vonovia’s financial statements, the corresponding income for all the services for ancillary costs performed by the end of the year is also recognized in the year in which the service is performed. This amount is recognized on a non-netted basis using the principal method, in particular due to Vonovia’s business model, which provides for a large proportion of services relevant to ancillary costs being performed by Vonovia itself as Vonovia is considered by the tenant to be the primary party responsible for providing the service. For all services that it does not perform itself, Vonovia also bears an inventory risk due to the settlement method (based on rentable area), as is standard practice in the real estate sector.

In cases involving property sales and project developments for sale, the profit is recognized over time or at a specific point in time, depending on the contractual structure. As far as any remaining obligations are concerned, a provision is recognized for the probable risk.

Expenses are recognized when they arise or at the time they are incurred. Interest is recognized as income or expense in the period in which it is incurred using the effective interest method.