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Key Materiality Aspects at Vonovia

A home is a basic human need. We meet this basic need by creating new living space and letting existing living space. We do so responsibly and sustainably by paying attention to the environmental footprint of our buildings and by having committed to the goal of virtually climate-neutral housing stock by 2045 (see Environmental Issues), but also by living up to our social responsibility and offering residential units at fair prices for all different groups within society. We do so through a governance structure that meets high value benchmarks and that is suited to being perceived as trustworthy and reliable by our stakeholders.

Vonovia systematically manages the main sustainability topics for the company based on the double materiality concept on the basis of two dimensions:

We consider the perspectives of all of our relevant stakeholder groups in the materiality analysis.

The materiality matrix, which builds on this, categorizes (1) ten topics that have been identified as material – which will be explained in more detail in the subsequent chapters of this Non-financial Group Declaration – and (2) 14 further important sustainability topics within five areas for action.

In the 2023 reporting year, we once again performed a critical review of all topics against the backdrop of integration and consolidated reporting, as well as new regulations and changes in general conditions. This did not result in any changes as against the prior year’s assessment.

The materiality analysis of sustainability topics that is presented here applies to the entire Group and represents the leading system for the non-financial topics.

Materiality Matrix